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JIMCO Quality Control Alternator-Generator-Starter Testers are designed for the fleet operator, parts jobber or ag-industrial dealer who requires a "REAL" tester capable of testing alternators and batteries for FULL output.

JIMCO Model TB-QC5 "QUALITY CONTROL" Tester Features

  • Fully load tests alternators and generators to 165 amps (12 volt), intermittently to 190 amps
  • Load tests batteries to 1000 CCA ratings
  • Free-run starter testing
  • TB-QC5J model: POWERFUL single speed 5 HP, 220 volt single phase drive motor
  • TB-QC5VS model: VARIABLE SPEED 5 HP, 220 volt single phase OR 3 phase drive motor
  • 6-, 12-, and 24-volt operation
  • Heavy duty carbon pile for completely ADJUSTABLE load from 0 to 500 amps
  • Two easy-to-read analog meters:
    • Combination 0-35 volt output voltmeter and auxiliary voltmeter (stator or diode trio voltages)
    • Combination 0-200 and 0-500 amp D.C. ammeter
  • Pre-test for reversed lead connection or shorted alternator diodes before turning on the motor. Prevents damage to the tester and alternator
  • Uses industry standard JIMCO color coded altemator test leads
  • Sliding ears with stepped pins hold alternators like the manufacturer intended, by their mounting ears. Starters are held in a slide-in "V" vise.
  • Combination "V" belt and "serpentine" belt drive pulley
  • Optional field adapters for externally regulated "A" and "B" circuit altemators
  • Compact: Only 24 inches wide x 22" high x 36 inches front to back. Optional stand.

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Tester Specifications



Drive Motor Horsepower
5 HP single speed
5 HP variable speed
Drive Motor Power and Phase 220 V.A.C.
60 Hz single phase
220 V.A.C.
60 Hz single or three phase
Carbon Pile
Eighteen ¼" x 4" x 4" Plates
intermittently to 500 amps intermittently to 500 amps
Operators Manual Included Included
Serpentine Pulley Included Included
Test Voltage
(Batteries NOT Included)
6, 12, and 24 volt 6, 12, and 24 volt
Test Leads Included TB-UNI Universal Lead only TB-UNI Universal Lead only
11-piece Test Lead Set
Optional Optional
TB990 Alternator
Hookup Manual
Optional Optional
12V External Reg "A" Circuit Adapter
Optional Optional
12V External Reg "B" Circuit Adapter
Included Included
V-vise Hold-down Clamp
Optional Optional
24V External Reg "B" Circuit Adapter
Optional Optional
Adjustable Alternator Bracket
Optional Optional
Alternator Bracket
Optional Optional
TB1950 Generator
Hookup Manual
Optional Optional
Bolt-together Stand
Optional Optional
Reversible Drive Motor and Control
Optional Included
Caster Kit for Stand
Optional Optional


Tester Features | Tester Specifications | Additional Pictures

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