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A tester without test leads is like pants without pockets — functional, but not very handy. We offer the following leads and accessories for our JIMCO regulator testers:


Genuine JIMCO Regulator Test Leads

At JIMCO, we take pride in our test leads.  We've been manufacturing them since 1969, longer than anyone! We use genuine housings where possible, heavy-duty wire, and permanent ID tags.  Our test leads fit what they should, they're built to last, and it's always easy to find the test lead you need.

A full spectrum of test leads are available for JIMCO regulator testers.  To browse what test leads are available, you can view download our online catalog here:

JIMCO Regulator Tester Test Lead Catalog


RT-990 Regulator Hook-Up Manual

This is the same in-depth manual that is included with our RT1224D regulator tester. With over 490 complete hook-up diagrams, it is the definitive guide for properly testing and connecting voltage regulators.

Covers: Argentine Industrial, Bosch, BUTEC, Caterpillar, C.A.V., Chrysler, Delco-Remy, Department of Defense, Ducellier, Electrodyne, Femsatronic, Ford, Hitachi, Iskra, Leece-Neville, Lucas, Magneton, Mando, Marelli, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Nikko, Niehhoff, Nippondenso, Paris-Rhone, Prestolite, Sawafuji, S.E.V. Marchall, Valeo and Wapsa