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Over 30 years ago, JIMCO introduced the first voltage regulator tester geared to the specific needs of the automotive electrical rebuilder . Today the RT1224D still sets the industry standard for regulator testing.

Why has the JIMCO regulator tester remained the leader?

  • QUALITY - Proven design using the best components, backed by JIMCO technical service
  • OPRERATION - The tester acts as the alternator. The power supply produces voltage and current like the stator and rectifier. Rotor functon is provided by the field load circuit to test the regulator's ability to control. The regulator is tested in simulated on-the-vehicle operation
  • CONVENIENCE - The RT-990 Hook-up Manual, with over 440 diagrams, shows how to connect and test alternator regulators using the universal alligator clip leads
  • TEST LEADS - JIMCO offers many dedicated test leads and adapters for fast and convenient testing of regulators: from the Delco mechanical to the Ford "IAR" and others
  • WARRANTY - JIMCO Regulator Testers carry a full 12-month warranty. But, there's more. If the tester ever needs repair, JIMCO will furnish a loaner tester at no charge for use while yours is being repaired: Minimum downtime, maximum service

As the rebuilding industry changes, equipment must change and adapt. JIMCO's RT-1224D Voltage Regulator Tester not only keeps up with the changes, but sets the standard.


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Regulator Tester Features

  • Higher field current load determines in seconds if regulator is good or bad
  • Easy-to-read digital voltmeter
  • Two stator signals; low frequency for AC field regulators and high for late model regulators
  • Built-in "no charge' indicator light test function for those regulators that have a separate 'no charge' indicator light circuit
  • RT-5 universal test lead and RT-38 AC 'no charge' indicator light test lead included
  • RT990 Hook-up Manual, over 490 diagrams for alternator voltage regulators included
  • Specific test leads available, individually or in sets (optional)
  • One-year warranty


Tester Features | Tester Specifications | Additional Pictures

Regulator Tester Specifications

  • Compact cabinet: 9" long x 7¼" wide x 6¾" high, with convenient carry handle
  • Shipping weight: Approximately 17 lbs.
  • 110-120 VAC power supply (220-240 VAC available)


Tester Features | Tester Specifications | Additional Pictures

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