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Genuine JIMCO Repair Harnesses

Wiring harnesses live in a dangerous environment. Heat, oil, water, vibration, and sunlight degrade their insulation and corrode their terminals over time.  JIMCO offers a quick and clean solution to intermittent problems and dirty connectors with completely new, drop-in wiring repair harnesses. Designed to be plug-and-play, JIMCO repair harnesses quickly and easily update your vehicle's older wiring.

A complete catalog of JIMCO's repair harnesses can be downloaded here:

JIMCO Wiring Repair Harnesses

At JIMCO, we take pride in our harnesses. We've been manufacturing them since 1969, longer than anyone! We use genuine housings where possible and purchase wire, terminals and connector housings in large quantities at the OEM level.

If vou need custom made harnesses or wiring components give us a call. Our computerized Engineering Department and purchasing power allow us to furnish special harnesses and components at competitive prices, even in smaller quantities.