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A brief history

While still in college, James Grube began rebuilding voltage regulators on a part-time basis. After his graduation, he turned rebuilding into a full-time business and opened the doors of JIMCO Tech Rebuilders.

In conjunction with his brothers, Juan and Don, the JIMCO Voltage Regulator Tester was designed, built and the first unit sold in 1973. Juan, who had been working full time as an industrial engineer since graduating from college, joined Jim at JIMCO in 1973 to build the regulator testers. A line of new replacement voltage regulators was added to the JIMCO catalog.

As replacement regulator sales grew, JIMCO was split into two separate companies. In December, 1976, JIMCO, Incorporated was chartered with Juan Grube as President.


JIMCO, Inc. is a major manufacturer of test equipment, test leads, new replacement voltage regulators and accessories for the automotive aftermarket. The equipment line has expanded to include alternator/generator/starter test benches, starter load testers, quality control alternator testers and component testers. With few exceptions, JIMCO manufactures every item that it sells.

Since we are a manufacturer, our sales are made primarily to the automotive electrical rebuilder or their supplier. We do not make retail sales to the consumer.