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DVM - Digital Volt/Ohm Meter

  • Hand-held digital volt-ohm-ammeter with 1" LCD display, 9 function, drop resistant. 9-volt battery powered
  • DC volts: 200mV, 2V, 2OV, 200V, 1000V
    DC amps: 20mA, 200mA, 2mA, 20mA, 200mA, 2A, 10A
    Ohms: 200, 2K, 20K, 200K, 2M, 20M, 200M
  • The DVM comes with JIMCO's instructions for voltage measurements, voltage drop tests for both alternators and starters, key-off static current draw and alternator AC ripple volts
  • With the optional ICP "clamp on" ammeter probe alternator output current and starter current draw can be measured

ICP - Clamp-on Ammeter Probe

  • 0 - 200 and 0 - 2000 amp (AC or DC) "clamp on" inductive ammeter probe.
  • Cutout equals 1mV per amp of current flow. 9-volt battery powered, zero adjustment
  • 2% (200 amp) and 3% (2000 amp) accuracy
  • With the optional 10X multiplier the ICP can be used to accurately measure currents as low as 250 milliamps
  • Use with DVM or other brand digital meters

1-OHM - 1-Ohm Resistor Lead Assembly

  • When used with your milli-voltmeter accurately measures vehicle parasitic current draw
  • Protects your meter from damage if current draw is excessive
  • Instructions included

40-OHM - 40-Ohm Resister Assembly

  • Provides a safe 30 milliamp load to verify that altemator "sense" and "IG" wires are good
  • Instructions included

10X - "Times Ten" Multiplier Assembly

  • Use with your "clamp on" ammeter probe to measure low current
  • Divide meter reading by 10 for actual
    reading. Example: 9.8 = .98 amps
  • Fused for over current protection
  • Instructions on tag

M310 - DC Voltmeter

Self contained voltmeter, 0 - 20 VDC and 0 - 40 VDC scales with momentary-switch-operated 0 - 2 VDC position for voltage drop measurements. May be used on your test bench or on the vehicle. The same meter that is used in JIMCO's "PREMIUM" test benches.

M320 - Ammeter

Self contained ammeter, 0 - 200 amp DC and 0 - 400 amp DC scales with internal shunt. Scale selector switch and lead-reversing switch. Ammeter leads must be connected in series with the circuit to be measured. May be used on your test bench or on the vehicle.The same meter that is used in JIMCO's "PREMIUM" test benches.

Associated Equipment Model 6042 - "On-the-Car" Tester

  • Easy to read LED volt and ammeter Test 12, 12/24 and 24 volt systems
  • 500- amp carbon pile
  • Includes cart with 2 trays
  • Reverse hook-up protected
  • Load test 1000 CCA batteries
  • "Flexi-spring" heavy duty clamps
  • Inductive "clamp-on" ammeter pick up
  • Video manual

Associated Equipment Model 8540 - Starter Voltage Drop Circuit Tester

Starter circuit testing is easy with the "Tech-Chek" 8540. Simply make 5 clip connections.

  • Monitors battery voltage before and during cranking.
  • Measure B+ voltage drop.
  • Ground side voltage drop.
  • Solenoid/ignition switch voltage drop.
  • All at the same time! One 8540 does what used to take 4 hands.

The 8540 even knows if the system is 12 volt or 24 volt and adjusts accordingly! Green LEDs indicate correct pre-crank battery voltage and verify that you've made all the connections. Red LEOs come on if battery voltage drops too low during cranking and if there is excessive voltage drop in the B+ circuit, ground circuit and solenoid/ignition circuit. If a red LED comes on it will stay on after cranking so you can see it.

The 8540 can reduce 'no fault found" warranties and reduce wasted time during starter circuit testing!